Active System Optimizer within IBM® AIX Dynamic System Optimizer

The Active System Optimizer (ASO) daemon is a user-level daemon that is available with the AIX® operating system and runs the installed optimizations.

The ASO daemon is started at boot time, but is inactive by default. It can be activated using the asoo command.

When the ASO daemon is activated, it monitors and analyzes the workloads on the system to determine whether it can make changes to improve the performance of the system. If the daemon detects that changes might improve performance, the changes are made automatically. The ASO monitors the changes to determine whether the change produced the required results. If the change does not result in the improvements that were expected by the ASO, it reverses the change.

The ASO requires minimal resource for its own operation because it monitors its own use and keeps its use within internally established limits. The ASO also hibernates when it recognizes situations when constant monitoring causes resource problems, activating itself occasionally to test whether conditions are more favorable for optimization.

Note: ASO is supported only on systems that are based on POWER7®, or later processors that are running in native mode.