International character support in text formatting

You can use text formatting commands to work with text composed of the international extended character set used for European languages.

The international extended character set provides the characters and symbols used in many European languages, as well as an ASCII subset composed of English-language characters, digits, and punctuation.

All characters in the European extended character set have ASCII forms. These forms can be used to represent the extended characters in input, or the characters can be entered directly with a device such as a keyboard that supports the European extended characters.

The following text-formatting commands support all international languages that use single-byte characters. These commands are located in /usr/bin. (The commands identified with an asterisk (*) support text processing for multibyte languages.

addbib*         hyphen          pic*             pstext
checkmm         ibm3812         ps4014           refer*
checknr*        ibm3816         ps630            roffbib*
col*            ibm5587G*       psbanne          soelim*
colcrt          ibm5585H-T*     psdit            sortbib*
deroff*         indxbib*        psplot           tbl*
enscript        lookbib*        psrev            troff*
eqn*            makedev*        psroff           vgrind
grap*           neqn*           psrv             xpreview*
hplj            nroff*

Text-formatting commands and macro packages not in the preceding list have not been enabled to process international characters.