Displaying information about a command (man command)

The man command displays information on commands, subroutines, and files.

The general format for the man command is as follows:
man CommandName
To obtain information about the pg command, type the following:
man pg
The system displays information similar to the following:
  pg Command


  Formats files to the display.


  pg [ - Number ] [ -c ] [ -e ] [ -f ] [ -n ] [ -p String ]
  [ -s ] [ +LineNumber | +/Pattern/ ] [ File ... ]


  The pg command reads a file name from the File parameter and
  writes the file to standard output one screen at a time. If you
  specify a - (dash) as the File parameter, or run the pg command
  without options, the pg command reads standard input. Each
  screen is followed by a prompt. If you press the Enter key,
  another page is displayed. Subcommands used with the pg command
  let you review or search in the file.