BNU cleanup commands

BNU contains three commands that clean directories and remove files that have not been sent.

Item Description
uuclean Deletes all files older than a specified number of hours, from the BNU administrative directories. Use the uuclean command to specify a directory to be cleaned or a type of file to be deleted. You can also instruct the command to notify the owners of the deleted files. The uuclean command is the Berkeley equivalent of the uucleanup command.
uucleanup Performs functions similar to the uuclean command. However, the uucleanup command checks the age of files based on days rather than hours. Use the uucleanup command to send a warning message to users whose files have not been transferred, notifying them that the files are still in the queue. The uucleanup command also removes files relating to a specified remote system.
uudemon.cleanu A shell procedure that issues the uulog and uucleanup commands to compress the BNU log files and remove log and work files over three days old. The uudemon.cleanu command is run by the cron daemon.