tip command configuration files

Before the tip command can connect to a remote system, the /etc/remote and /etc/phones files must be established.

Item Description
/etc/remote Defines attributes of remote systems such as the port and type of device to use to reach the system, as well as the signals to use to indicate the beginnings and endings of transmissions.
/etc/phones Lists telephone numbers used to contact remote systems over a modem line.

Sample remote and phones files are delivered with the bos.net.uucp package. The sample remote file is named /usr/lib/remote-file. The sample phones file is named /usr/lib/phones-file. Copy /usr/lib/remote-file to /etc/remote and modify /etc/remote. To establish one of these files, copy a sample file to the correct name and modify it to suit the needs of your site.

A tip user can also create customized remote and phones files. An individual remote file must be in the format of the /usr/lib/remote-file file and specified with the remote variable or the REMOTE environment variable. An individual phones file must be in the format of the /usr/lib/phones-file file and specified with the phones variable or the PHONES environment variable. If an individual phones or remote file is specified with one of the variables, that file is read in place of (not in addition to) the /etc/phones or /etc/remote file.

Users of tip can use combinations of individual phones and remote files. For example, a user could use the default remote file, /etc/remote, but use an individual phones file named with the phones variable.