SCSI device location codes

The following are location codes for SCSI devices.

These location codes apply to all SCSI devices including:

  • CD-ROMs
  • Disks
  • Initiator devices
  • Read/write optical drives
  • Tapes
  • Target mode

The location code format is AA-BB-CC-S,L. The AA-BB fields identify the location code of the SCSI adapter controlling the SCSI device.

Item Description
AA A value of 00 for the AA field indicates the controlling adapter card is located in the CPU drawer or system unit, depending on the type of system.
BB The BB field identifies the I/O bus and slot containing the card. The first digit identifies the I/O bus. It is 0 for the standard I/O bus and 1 for the optional I/O bus. The second digit is the slot on the indicated I/O bus containing the card. A value of 00 for the BB field indicates the standard SCSI controller.
CC The CC field identifies the SCSI bus of the card that the device is attached to. For a card that provides only a single SCSI bus, this field is set to 00. Otherwise, a value of 00 indicates a device attached to the internal SCSI bus of the card, and a value of 01 indicates a device attached to the external SCSI bus of the card.
S,L The S,L field identifies the SCSI ID and logical unit number (LUN) of the SCSI device. The S value indicates the SCSI ID and the L value indicates the LUN.