Multiprotocol port location codes

The location code for a multiprotocol port is of the format AA-BB-CC-DD where AA-BB indicates the location code of the multiprotocol adapter card.

The individual fields are interpreted as follows:

Item Description
AA A value of 00 for the AA field indicates the multiprotocol adapter card is located in the CPU drawer or system unit, depending on the type of system.
BB The BB field identifies the I/O bus and slot containing the card. The first digit identifies the I/O bus. It is 0 for the standard I/O bus and 1 for the optional I/O bus. The second digit is the slot on the indicated I/O bus that contains the card.
CC The CC field identifies the connector on the adapter card to which the multiprotocol distribution box is connected. The value is always 01.
DD The DD field identifies the physical port number on the multiprotocol distribution box. Possible values are 00, 01, 02, and 03.