Class attributes

List all the attributes of a WLM class.

Class Name
Can be up to 16 characters in length and can only contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (_).
A number between 0 and 9 used to prioritize resource allocation between classes.
Specifies whether a child process inherits the class assignment from its parent.
Prevents memory segments belonging to one class from migrating to Shared class.
Administrator (adminuser, admingroup, authgroup) (superclass only)
Delegates the administration of a superclass.
Authorization (authuser, authgroup)
Delegates the right to manually assign a process to a class.
Resource Set (rset)
Limits the set of resources a given class has access to in terms of CPUs (processor set).
Deletes the shared memory segments if the last referencing process is killed due to the virtual memory limit.
Indicates whether to kill all processes in a class, or only the offending process, when a class reaches its virtual memory limit.
Specifies the priority assigned to I/O requests issued by the threads classified to the class. This priority is used to prioritize I/O buffers at the device level. If the storage device does not support I/O priorities, the priority is ignored. Valid I/O priorities range from 0 to 15.