Accounting for BSD 4.3 system managers

The accounting files in the /usr/lib/acct directory and the system activity reporting tools in the /usr/lib/sa directory for AIX® are identical to those available with AT&T System V Release 4 (SVR4) with the addition of 4.3 BSD accounting utilities.

Many of the accounting commands are in the /usr/lib/acct directory. To begin system accounting, use the /usr/lib/acct/startup command. If accounting is not started, commands such as lastcomm(1) cannot return information.

AIX provides these 4.3 BSD accounting facilities:

Item Description
last(1) Indicates last logins of users and terminals
lastcomm(1) Shows in reverse order the last commands executed
acct(3) Enables and disables process accounting
ac(8) Login accounting
accton(8) Turns system accounting on or off
sa(8) Generally maintains system accounting files.

AIX also provides these System V Interface Definition (SVID) Issue II accounting commands and library functions:

Item Description
acctcms(1) Produces command usage summaries from accounting records
acctcom(1) Displays selected process-accounting record summaries
acctcon1(1) Converts login/logoff records to session records
acctcon2(1) Converts login/logoff records to total accounting records
acctdisk(1) Generates total accounting records from diskusg(1) command output
acctmerg(1) Merges total accounting files into an intermediary file
accton(1) Turns on accounting
acctprc1(1) Processes accounting information from acct(3) command
acctprc2(1) Processes output of acctprc1(1) command into total accounting records
acctwtmp(1) Manipulates connect-time accounting records
chargefee(1) Charges to login name
ckpacct(1) Checks size of /usr/adm/pacct file
diskusg(1) Generates disk accounting information
dodisk(1) Performs disk accounting
fwtmp(1) Converts binary records (wtmp file) to formatted ASCII.
Note: The wtmp file is in the /var/adm directory.
lastlogin(1) Updates last date on which each person logged in
monacct(1) Creates monthly summary files
prctmp(1) Prints session record file produced by acctcon1(1) command
prdaily(1) Formats a report of yesterday's accounting information
prtacct(1) Formats and prints any total accounting file
runacct(1) Runs daily accounting
shutacct(1) Called by system shutdown to stop accounting and log the reason
startup(1) Called by system initialization to start accounting
turnacct(1) Turns process accounting on or off
wtmpfix(1) Corrects time/date stamps in a file using wtmp format