/etc/uucp/Systems file

The remote systems are listed in the /etc/uucp/Systems files.

The /etc/uucp/Systems file is the default Systems file. The system administrator can specify additional files in the /etc/uucp/Sysfiles file.

Each entry in a Systems file contains the following items:

  • The name of the remote system
  • The times when users can connect to the remote system
  • The type of link (direct line or modem)
  • The speed of transmission over the link
  • The information that is needed to log in to the remote system

Each entry in a Systems file represents one remote system. To establish communications, the remote system must be listed in the local Systems file. A Systems file must be present on every system that uses the BNU facility. Normally, only the root user can read the Systems files. Any user, however, can list the names of remote BNU systems, by using the uuname command.