Recreating a corrupted boot image

The following procedure describes how to identify a corrupted boot image and re-create it.

If your machine is currently running and you know the boot image has been corrupted or deleted, recreate the boot image by running the bosboot command with root authority.

Attention: Never reboot the system when you suspect the boot image is corrupted.

The following procedure assumes your system is not rebooting correctly because of a corrupted boot image. If possible, protect your system from a possible loss of data or functionality by scheduling your downtime when it least impacts your workload.

The information in this how-to scenario was tested using specific versions of AIX®. The results you obtain might vary significantly depending on your version and level of AIX.

  1. Insert the product media into the appropriate drive.
  2. Power on the machine following the instructions provided with your system.
  3. From the System Management Services menu, select Multiboot.
  4. From the next screen, select Install From.
  5. Select the device that holds the product media and then select Install.
  6. Select the AIX version icon.
  7. Follow the online instructions until you can select which mode you use for installation. At that point, select Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery.
  8. Select Access a Root Volume Group.
  9. Follow the online instructions until you can select Access this Volume Group and start a shell.
  10. Use the bosboot command to re-create the boot image. For example:
    bosboot -a -d /dev/hdisk0
    If the command fails and you receive the following message:
    0301-165 bosboot: WARNING! bosboot failed - do not attempt to boot device.
    Try to resolve the problem using one of the following options, and then run the bosboot command again until you have successfully created a boot image:
    • Delete the default boot logical volume (hd5) and then create a new hd5.


    • Run diagnostics on the hard disk. Repair or replace, as necessary.
    If the bosboot command continues to fail, contact your customer support representative.
    Attention: If the bosboot command fails while creating a boot image, do not reboot your machine.
  11. When the bosboot command is successful, use the reboot command to reboot your system.