Cloning a system backup

You can install a system backup on a target machine to propagate a consistent operating system, optional software, and configuration settings.

With a mksysb image, you can clone one system image onto multiple target systems. However, the target systems might not contain the same hardware devices or adapters, or require the same kernel as the source system. All devices and kernels are automatically installed during a BOS installation. As a result, when you create a system backup, the mksysb image contains all the device and kernel support. For example, you can create a system backup from System_A and install System_A's mksysb image onto System_B without having to use product media to boot System_B.

If you are performing a clone installation, device information will not be restored to the target system by default. During a clone installation, the BOS installation process verifies that the mksysb image is from the system you are trying to install. If the target system and the mksysb image are different, the device information is not recovered. This behavior is determined by the RECOVER_DEVICES variable in the file. This variable can be set to Default, yes, or no. The following list shows the resulting behaviors for each value:
No recovery of devices
Attempted rebuild of ODM
No recovery of devices
Note: You can override the default value of RECOVER_DEVICES by selecting yes or no in the Backup Restore menu or by editing the value of the attribute in the file.

If the source system does not have the correct passwords and network information, you can make modifications on the target system now. Also, some products ship device-specific files. If your graphics adapter is different on the target system, verify that the device-specific filesets for graphics-related LPPs are installed.