Pre-backup configuration

Configure the source system before creating a backup image of it. If, however, you plan to use a backup image for installing other, differently configured target systems, create the image before configuring the source system.

The source system is the system from which you created the backup copy. The target system is the system on which you are installing the backup copy.

The installation program automatically installs only the device support required for the hardware configuration of the installed machine. Therefore, if you are using a system backup to install other machines, you might need to install additional devices on the source system before making the backup image and using it to install one or more target systems.

Use the SMIT fast path, smit devinst, to install additional device support on the source system.

  • If there is sufficient disk space on the source and target systems, install all device support.
  • If there is limited disk space on the source and target systems, selectively install device support.

A backup transfers the following configurations from the source system to the target system:

  • Paging space information
  • Logical volume information
  • rootvg information
  • Placement of logical partitions (if you have selected the map option).