Implementing scheduled backups

This procedure describes how to develop and use a script to perform a weekly full backup and daily incremental backups of user files.

  • The amount of data scheduled for backup cannot exceed one tape when using this script.
  • Make sure the tape is loaded in the backup device before the cron command runs the script.
  • Make sure the device is connected and available, especially when using scripts that run at night. Use the lsdev -C | pg command to check availability.
  • Make sure the backup device has been cleaned recently to prevent errors.
  • If you are backing up file systems that might be in use, unmount them first to prevent file system corruption.
  • Check the file system before making the backup. Use the procedure described in File system verification or run the fsck command.

The script included in this procedure is intended only as a model and needs to be carefully tailored to the needs of the specific site.