Backup of files on a DMAPI-managed JFS2 file system

There are options in the tar and backbyinode commands that allow you to back up the extended attributes (EAs).

With the backbyinode command on a DMAPI file system, only the data resident in the file system at the time the command is issued is backed up. The backbyinode command examines the current state of metadata to do its work. This can be advantageous with DMAPI, because it backs up the state of the managed file system. However, any offline data will not be backed up.

To back up all of the data in a DMAPI file system, use a command that reads entire files, such as the tar command. This can cause a DMAPI-enabled application to restore data for every file accessed by the tar command, moving data back and forth between secondary and tertiary storage, so there can be performance implications.