Backing up files using the smit command

Use the smit command to run the backup command, which creates copies of your files on backup media.

  1. At the prompt, type the following:
    smit backup
  2. Type the path name of the directory on which the file system is normally mounted in the DIRECTORY full pathname field:
  3. In the BACKUP device or FILE fields, enter the output device name, as in the following example for a raw magnetic tape device:
  4. Use the Tab key to toggle the optional REPORT each phase of the backup field if you want error messages printed to the screen.
  5. In a system management environment, use the default for the MAX number of blocks to write on backup medium field because this field does not apply to tape backups.
  6. Press Enter to back up the named directory or file system.
  7. Run the restore -t command.
    If this command generates an error message, you must repeat the entire backup.