Enabling cryptographic authentication from the command line

Complete these steps to configure existing standalone clients to use the NIMSH communication protocol with SSL enabled from the command line.

  • If OpenSSL is installed on the NIM client and NIMSH is configured as the communication protocol, type the following command:
    # nimclient -c
  • If OpenSSL is not installed on the NIM client, complete the following steps
    1. Install OpenSSL if not already installed. It can be installed from the base media using the installp command, geninstall command, or smitty command.
    2. Type the following command on the NIM client after OpenSSL is installed:
       # nimclient -c
  • If OpenSSL is installed on the NIM alternate master, type the following command to configure NIMSH as the communication protocol:
    # nimclient -c
    # nimconfig -c
  • If the NIM client running NIMSH with OpenSSL communication protocol wishes to communicate with an alternate master running NIMSH with OpenSSL encryption, type the following command on the NIM client where <alternate_master> is the NIM object name of the alternate_master:
    # nimclient -o get_cert -a master_name=<alternate_master>