Resource set attribute

The resource set attribute (called rset) can be specified for any class. Its value is the name of a resource set defined by the system administrator.

The rset attribute represents a subset of the CPU resource available on the system (processor set). The default is "system," which gives access to all the CPU resources available on the system. The only restriction is that if an rset is specified for a subclass, the set of CPUs in the the set must be a subset of the CPUs available to the superclass. (For detailed information, see the mkrset command.

Note: Carefully consider assigning resource sets to any class that is not in tier 0. Because lower tiers only have access to the resources that are unused by the higher tiers, restricting a non-tier-0 class to a subset of the CPUs on the system could result in starvation if there is no CPU time available on those CPUs.