Cloning a system using a system backup tape

With a mksysb image, you can clone one system image onto multiple target systems.

The information in this how-to scenario was tested using specific versions of AIX®. The results you obtain might vary significantly depending on your version and level of AIX.

The target systems might not contain the same hardware devices or adapters or be the same hardware platform as the source system.

All devices are installed by default during the base operating system (BOS) installation process. If the Enable System Backups to install any system selection in the Install Software menu was set to yes, you can create a mksysb image that boots and installs supported systems. Verify that your system is installed with all devices by typing the following:
# grep ALL_DEVICES_KERNELS /var/adm/ras/                        
Output similar to the following displays:

Use this scenario if your system was not installed with all devices during BOS installation. Be sure to boot from the appropriate product media for your system and at the same maintenance or technology level of BOS as the installed source system on which the mksysb was made. For example, use BOS AIX media with a mksysb from a BOS AIX system. Use this how-to while installing a system backup tape to a different system.

In this scenario, perform the following steps:
  1. Boot the system with the AIX Volume 1 media in the media drive and the system backup tape in the tape device.
    Note: You can boot from a DVD and use a tape for the installation. However, during a tape boot, you cannot use the DVD drives to supply customized information.
  2. Select Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery.
  3. Select Install from a System Backup.
  4. Select the drive containing the backup tape, and press Enter.

The system reads the media and begins the installation.

You are then prompted for the BOS installation language, and the Welcome screen displays. Continue with the Prompted Installation, because cloning is not supported in nonprompted installations.

If you are cloning from the product media to restore a backup tape, do not remove the media from the media drive.

After the mksysb installation completes, the installation program automatically installs additional devices on your system, using the original product media you booted from. Information is saved in BOS installation log files. To view BOS installation log files, type cd /var/adm/ras and view the devinst.log file in this directory.

If the source system does not have the correct passwords and network information, you can make modifications on the target system now. Also, some products ship device-specific files. If your graphics adapter is different on the target system, verify that the device-specific filesets for graphics-related LPPs are installed.