Available system management interfaces

In addition to conventional command line system administration, this operating system provides the SMIT interfaces.

The following are the SMIT interfaces:

  • System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), a menu-based user interface that constructs commands from the options you choose and executes them.

    With SMIT, you can:

    • Install, update, and maintain software
    • Configure devices
    • Configure disk storage units into volume groups and logical volumes
    • Make and extend file systems and paging space
    • Manage users and groups
    • Configure networks and communication applications
    • Print
    • Perform problem determination
    • Schedule jobs
    • Manage system resources and workload
    • Manage system environments
    • Manage cluster system data
  • An object-oriented graphical user interface that supports the same system management tasks as SMIT, but eases system management tasks by:
    • Reducing user errors through error checking and dialog design
    • Offering step-by-step procedures for new or complex tasks
    • Offering advanced options for more experienced administrators
    • Making it easier to visualize complex data or relationships among system objects
    • Monitoring system activity and alerting the administrator when predefined events occur
    • Providing context-sensitive helps, overviews, tips, and links to online documentation