Updating the holidays file

The Holidays file is out of date after the last holiday listed has passed or the year has changed. You can update the Holidays file.

The acctcon1 command (started from the runacct command) sends mail to the root and adm accounts when the /usr/lib/acct/holidays file gets out of date.

Update the out-of-date Holidays file by editing the /var/adm/acct/holidays file to differentiate between prime and nonprime time.

Prime time is assumed to be the period when your system is most active, such as workdays. Saturdays and Sundays are always nonprime times for the accounting system, as are any holidays that you list.

The holidays file contains three types of entries: comments, the year and prime-time period, and a list of holidays as in the following example:

* Prime/Non-Prime Time Table for Accounting System
*   Curr       Prime             Non-Prime
*   Year       Start             Start
    1992       0830              1700
*   Day of     Calendar          Company
*   Year       Date              Holiday
*   1          Jan 1             New Year's Day
*   20         Jan 20            Martin Luther King Day
*   46         Feb 15            President's Day
*   143        May 28            Memorial Day
*   186        Jul 3             4th of July
*   248        Sep 7             Labor Day
*   329        Nov 24            Thanksgiving
*   330        Nov 25            Friday after
*   359        Dec 24            Christmas Eve
*   360        Dec 25            Christmas Day
*   361        Dec 26            Day after Christmas

The first noncomment line must specify the current year (as four digits) and the beginning and end of prime time, also as four digits each. The concept of prime and nonprime time only affects the way that the accounting programs process the accounting records.

If the list of holidays is too long, the acctcon1 command generates an error, and you will need to shorten your list. You are safe with 20 or fewer holidays. If you want to add more holidays, just edit the holidays file each month.