Finishing the BOS migration

After prompting for confirmation, the installation process begins. The Installing Base Operating System window displays.

As the installation progresses, the numbers increment in the fields that show percentage complete and elapsed time to indicate the installation status. After the base run-time environment is installed, status information displays about other software that is being installed. After the BOS installation is complete, the system automatically reboots.

After the system has restarted, you are prompted to configure your installation of the BOS. Go to Configuring AIX for information on the configuration process.

Note: If there is not enough space to migrate all of the usually migrated software, a collection of software called a Migration Bundle is available when you install additional software later. You must create additional disk space on the machine on which you want to install, and then you can run smit update_all to complete the installation, during which the Migration Bundle is installed.

If you are not doing the installation from a graphics console, a Graphics_Startup bundle is created. Refer to Preparing to install optional software products and service updates for more information about installing software bundles and for information on migrating or installing optional software products. Maintaining optional software products and service updates describes how to remove software from the system to release disk space.

Run the post-migration script and verify the output files.