Booting from your installation media

Follow this procedure to migrate your current version of the operating system to AIX® Version 7.2.

If you are using an ASCII console that was not defined in your previous system, complete Step 3. Setting up an ASCII terminal before proceeding.

The following steps migrate your current version of the operating system to AIX 7.2:

  1. Turn the system unit power switch from Off (0) to On (|).
  2. When the system beeps twice, press F5 on the keyboard (or 5 on an ASCII terminal). If you have a graphics display, you see the keyboard icon on the screen when the beeps occur. If you have an ASCII terminal (also called a tty terminal), you see the word keyboard when the beeps occur.
    Note: If your system does not boot using the F5 key (or the 5 key on an ASCII terminal), refer to your hardware documentation for information about how to boot your system from an AIX product media.

    The system begins booting from the installation media.

  3. If your system has an LED display, the three-digit LED should display c31.

    If you have more than one console, each might display a window that directs you to press a key to identify your system console. A different key is specified for each console displaying this window. If this window displays, press the specified key only on the device to be used as the system console. (The system console is the keyboard and display device used for installation and system administration.) Press a key on one console only.

    A window displays, asking you to select a language to be used for installation instructions.

  4. Select the language you prefer to use for installation instructions.
  5. When the Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance window displays, either begin the migration immediately by typing 1 to select Start Install Now with Default Settings, or verify the installation and system settings by typing 2 to select Change/Show Installation Settings and Install. If you want to change any settings, follow the procedure in Step 5. Verifying or changing the installation settings.
    • You should not have to change settings simply to select the migration installation method. If a previous version of the operating system exists, the installation method defaults to migration.
    • The available installation methods vary, depending on the version of the operating system that is currently installed (before migration). For information about the BOS installation methods, refer to Installing the Base Operating System. For information about the installation options available for a migration installations, refer to BOS installation options.
  6. Verify the selections in the Migration Installation Summary window and press Enter.
  7. Confirm the migration installation process in the Migration Confirmation window, and press Enter to begin the migration installation.