DHCP relay agent

The /etc/dhcprd.cnf file is the configuration file for the DHCP and BOOTP relay agent. The format of the file and the allowed directives and keywords are explained here.

The directives are specified in the following format:
<keyword> <value1> ... <valueN>

The presence and values of these parameters are used by the relay agent that is started or restarted.

This set of parameters specifies the log files that will be maintained by this server. Each parameter is identified by a keyword and followed by its value.
Keyword Value Definition
numLogFiles 0 to n Number of log files. If 0 is specified, no log file will be maintained and no log message is display anywhere. n is the maximum number of log files maintained as the size of the most recent log file reaches its maximum size and a new log file is created.
logFileSize In KB Maximum size of a log file. When the size of the most recent log file reaches this value, it is renamed and a new log file is created.
logFileName file path Name of the most recent log file. Less recent log files have the number 1 to (n - 1) appended to their names; the larger the number, the less recent the file.
logItem One item that will be logged.
System error, at the interface to the platform.
Object error, in between objects in the process.
Protocol error, between client and server.
Warning, worth of attention from the user.
Event occurred to the process.
Action taken by the process.
Information that might be useful.
Who was served when.
Code flow, for debugging.
For example, an /etc/dhcprd.cnf file may have the following entries:
numLogFiles 	4
logFileSize 	1000
logFileName	   /usr/tmp/dhcprd.log
logItem		   SYSERR
logItem		   OBJERR
logItem		   PROTERR
logItem		   WARNING
logItem		   EVENT
logItem		   ACTION
logItem		   INFO
logItem		   ACNTING
logItem		   TRACE
Keyword Value Definition
relay IPv4, IPv6, or ALL Specifies the mode of packet relay. If IPv4 is specified, the relay agent acts only as DHCPv4 relay agent. This is the default mode of the relay agent.

If IPv6 is specified, the relay agent acts only as DHCPv6 relay agent.

If ALL is specified, the relay agent acts both as DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 relay agent.

server IP address Specifies the IP address of a BOOTP or DHCP server. The packet will be forwarded to the servers listed in this file.
server6 IPv6 address Specifies the IPv6 address of the DHCPv6 server. The packet will be forwarded to the servers listed here.
option6 <option code> <option data> Specifies the DHCPv6 relay agent options. The keyword is valid only if the relay mode is set to IPv6. The option code value is specified as a decimal number. The option data value is specified as quoted or non-quoted string or in hexadecimal format (prefixed with 0x)
single-site   Specifies that the device on which the relay agent is running belongs to only one site.