PXE vendor container suboptions

When supporting a PXE client, the DHCP server passes the following option to the BINLD server that BINLD uses to configure itself:

Opt Num Default Data Type Can Specify? Description
6 Decimal number Yes PXE_DISCOVERY_CONTROL. Limit 0-16. This is a bit field. Bit 0 is the least significant bit.
bit 0
If set, disables broadcast discovery.
bit 1
If set, disables multicast discovery.
bit 2
If set, only uses/accepts servers in PXE_BOOT_ SERVERS.
bit 3
If set, and a bootfile name is present in the initial PXED offer packet, downloads the bootfile (does not prompt/menu/discover boot server).
bit 4-7
Must be 0. If this option is not supplied then client assumes all bits to be equal to 0.
7 One dotted quad Yes Multicast IP address. Boot server discovery multicast IP address. Boot servers capable of multicast discovery must listen on this multicast address. This option is required if the multicast discovery disable bit (bit 1) in the PXE_DISCOVERY_ CONTROL option is not set.
8 Boot server type(0-65535) Yes PXE_BOOT_SERVERS IP address count (0-256)
Type 0
Miscrosoft Windows IP address...IP address NT Boot Server Boot server type IP address
Type 1
Intel LCM Boot Server count IP address ...
Type 3
DOS/UNDI Boot Server IP address
Type 4
NEC ESMPRO Boot Server
Type 5
IBM® WSoD Boot Server
Type 6
IBM LCCM Boot Server
Type 7
CA Unicenter TNG Boot Server.
Type 8
HP OpenView Boot Server.
Type 9 through 32767
Type 32768 through 65534
Vendor use
Type 65535
PXE API Test Server.

If IP address count is zero for a server type then the client may accept offers from any boot server of that type. Boot Servers do not respond to discovery requests of types they do not support.

9 Boot server type (0-65535) Yes PXE_BOOT_MENU "description" Boot server boot "order" is implicit in the type. "description"...menu order.
10 Timeout in seconds (0-255) Yes PXE_MENU_PROMPT "prompt" The timeout is the number of seconds to wait before auto- selecting the first boot menu item. On the client system, the prompt is displayed followed by the number of seconds remaining before the first item in the boot menu is auto-selected. If the F8 key is pressed on the client system, then a menu is displayed. If this option is provided to the client, then the menu is displayed without prompt and timeout. If the timeout is 0, then the first item in the menu is auto-selected. If the timeout is 255, the menu and prompt is displayed without auto-selecting or timeout.