IBM Tealeaf CX

The following features are new to IBM® Tealeaf® CX.

Globalization improvements

IBM Tealeaf now supports time zones with offsets relative to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that are not full-hour offsets, such as India Standard Time (IST). Additionally, IBM Tealeaf administrative interfaces, which include the Tealeaf Portal, are translated to supported languages.

Administrative interfaces for the following components are now translatable for all supported languages:
  • Event manager
  • Portal management
  • IBM Tealeaf cxConnect
  • IBM Tealeaf cxVerify

New data preaggregator server

The data preaggregator is used in large-scale environments such as within an environment that includes multiple data centers. The data preaggregator can reduce the overall data flow from canisters to the data collector, which improves the performance of the data collector and reduces the amount of data that is sent over the network.

The data preaggregator operates as a service (TL_DataPreaggregator) on a dedicated server within the data center. When the preaggregator is enabled within a data center, the preaggregator server hosts an extra canister and an agent that collects data from all of the other canisters. The preaggregator agent downloads and aggregates the data, then stores the data to a single canister that is hosted on the data preaggregator server. The preaggregator enables the data collector to retrieve the data from the single preaggregator canister instead of retrieving the data from multiple canisters. Downloading the aggregated data from the preaggregator server reduces the amount of data that is sent over the network to the data collector and improves the performance of the data collector by reducing the amount of processing that must be done by the data collector.

Multiple data preaggregators can be deployed to improve performance in large-scale data centers. Depending on the amount of data that is collected, a typical data preaggregator can process the data of 10 to 15 canisters. A single data collector collects the data from each data preaggregator. Data preaggregators do not transfer data between themselves. If a data preaggregator goes offline, the canisters that are associated with that preaggregator continue to save the data until the data preaggregator comes online again. When a data preaggregator comes online, the preaggregator agent begins downloaded the data from each canister.

For more information about the data preaggregator server, see the IBM Tealeaf cxImpact Administration Manual.

Support for VMware

IBM Tealeaf can be deployed within a VMware vSphere 5.5 virtual environment. IBM Tealeaf requires that the virtual servers meet the same requirements as a physical server.

The following limitations apply to IBM Tealeaf deployed within a VMware vSphere 5.5 virtual environment:

  • Limit throughput for up to 500 Mbps. The CX Passive Capture Application supports throughput for up to 500 Mbps. Environments with throughput rates greater than 500 Mbps can experience packet loss at the CX Passive Capture Application.
  • You must disable multi-queue support in the VMware virtual network driver. Multi-queue support is automatically enabled by default when VMware is installed. If multi-queue support is not disabled, the packets that are sent to the CX Passive Capture Application might become out of order and result in the CX PCA dropping the packets.

User interface improvements

New improvements to the user interface help the usability and readability of the IBM Tealeaf portal and its components and also provide a common user experience with other IBM Experience One products.

Result Set Extract (RSE) is discontinued

The Result Set Extract (RSE) feature is discontinued in IBM Tealeaf V9.0.2. RSE is not available in any IBM Tealeaf V9.0.2 environment, including any environment that is upgraded to IBM Tealeaf V9.0.2. Support for RSE in V9.0.1 and earlier versions will be discontinued in September 2016.