Configuring the Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm Monitoring Agent

For the Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm Monitoring Agent, a high-level qualifier parameter must be specified to locate the AKD data files that are generated by the base product audit function (SAKDLOAD).


  1. For Configuration Manager, ensure the override embed support is enabled. For more information about override embed members, see
  2. Specify the proper HLQ that points to the base product library SAKDLOAD using parameter KRG_AKD_HIGH_LEVEL_QUALIFIER in your RTEDEF(KRG$PARM)member (Configuration Manager: create member, if necessary) or your WCONFIG RTE member for (PARMGEN)
  3. Modify member KRG$SST1 in rtePlibHilev.rteName.EMBEDS (Configuration Manager) or WCONFIG (PARMGEN)to add /uncomment the DD definition for SAKDLOAD that will then be added to the generated monitoring agent STC JCL:
    //          DD DISP=SHR, 
    //          DSN=<MY.SAKLOAD.HLQ>.SAKDLOAD  
  4. Run the GENERATE action (Configuration Manager) or the $PARSE step (PARMGEN) to generate the needed RKANPARU members, (includes KRGCONFIG), RKANDATV members, (includes KRGXPERT) and the proper STC definition.
  5. Add a DD statement to the base product started task (AKDJMAIN): to access the KRGXPERT member of the RKANDATV library