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Changes introduced with IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Read the following sections to learn the new and enhanced capabilities of IBM® Application Performance Analyzer for V14.1 and its later fix levels. For more information about the enhancements and fixes that are available as continuous delivery APAR updates to V14.1, see Latest Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS Service Information.

Version 14.1.7

The following enhancements are added:
  • Enhance diagnostics for PMEAIX locking conflicts
  • Add and enhance messages for Sysplex feature
  • Add SDUMPX return and reason codes diagnostics

Version 14.1.5

The following enhancements are added:
  • Support for CICS TS V5.5
  • Support quotes in DSN field on IMPORT dialog panel

Version 14.1.4

The following enhancements are added:
  • New X07 DB2 Stored Procedure Summary Report
  • Support for job selection by ASID or USS PID in APA ISPF interface
  • Feature for starting a new measurement using the MVS START command
  • Enhance Display command to echo responses on the system console
  • Add hexadecimal format ASID to the S01 report
  • Add Source Program Mapping category on A02 ISPF panel

Version 14.1.3

The following enhancements are added:
  • Allow MQ/MQ+ Extractors with WAS Extractor
  • STC shutdown enhanced to manage active measurements
  • Support for 64-bit DSSB in z/OS 2.3
  • Change check for duplicate requests to include write status
  • Add FREE=CLOSE to SYSMDUMP DD in CAZ0 sample JCL

Version 14.1.2

The following enhancements are added:
  • New Automatic Report Generation feature
  • New command option to display CONFIG parms
  • Enhancement to allow % as 9th byte of jobname for multi-job req
  • Enhancement to allow multi-job requests for inactive jobs
  • Support for RMODE64 (Infrastructure changes Phase 2)
  • Enhancements to the ISPF A02 Dialog

Version 14.1.1

Multiple accessibility enhancements are added.

Version 14.1.0

The following enhancements to started tasks, sampling, exits, intercepts and reporting are added:
  • IMS MASS Java support
  • New Sampling Notification Exit
  • New X06 report to aggregate IMS MASS requests
  • Adabas and Natural support in IMS
  • MQI support of RRS in IBM MQ v8 and v9
  • PL/I v5 64-bit source program mapping
  • XCF diagnostic message enhancements
  • Dataset security enhancements for ESD extraction
  • DB2 Extractor performance enhancements
  • File sampling performance enhancements
  • Deprecation of the dynamically loaded JVMTI agent
  • Compatibility support:
    • z/OS 2.3
    • CICS TS 5.4
    • DB2 12.1
    • IBM MQ for z/OS 9.0
    • WebSphere® Application Server 9
    • Adabas 8.3.3
    • Natural 8.2.4
    • Natural 8.2.6
The following enhancements specific to the plugin are added:
  • Refresh STC View when connecting from another perspective
  • Support for Eclipse 4.6
  • Support for OS X
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