Configuring the Excluded Assembler Macros List

Important: The Assembler Macro Expansion feature is an extension of the base Assembler compiler and it is not enabled by default. To enable the Assembler Macro Expansion, see the Enabling the Assembler Macro Expansion Feature section.

There are some special macros, also known as system macros, that are intensively used in most Assembler programs, but may not provide many useful insights. The Expansion Macro feature provides the possibility of not expanding or interpreting these types of macros by adding them into a excluded list of macros.

To edit the excluded list of macros, perform the following steps:
  1. Make sure that IBM® AD Build Client is up and running, and a project is available and can be used.
  2. Click Project > Settings and select Show the project tree.
  3. Select Assembler Macro from the list and click Excluded macros.
  4. The denied Macros.txt file is displayed in your default text editor.
    Note: By default, the denied Macros.txt file contains the following common macros.
    This image shows the denied Macros.txt list.
  5. Add or remove any macros as needed.