OrientDB Settings

Use OrientDB Settings to view or set the details of the connection with the graph database.

Note: These settings are only relevant if an OrientDB is installed.

OrientDB or the graph database is a container of control flow information that is used for control flow analysis and the management of dynamic calls resolution. The resolution mechanism is used for showing existing dynamic calls and their solutions (whether manual or automatic).

To access the OrientDB settings, go to IBM® AD Analyze Client and select Window > Preferences > Application Discovery > Local settings > General settings > OrientDB settings.

If Allow overwrite option is checked in IBM AD Configuration Server for the OrientDB (GraphDB) settings, IBM AD Analyze users can select Overwrite global configuration and proceed to change the OrientDB settings for their local workstations.

If Allow overwrite option is not checked in IBM AD Configuration Server, only the global settings are taken into account.

Test connection allows the user to test the connection with the OrientDB database.