Mainframe Reports Preferences

Use Mainframe Reports preferences to determine what information is included by default in the reports that are generated for mainframe projects in IBM® AD Analyze Client.

In order to access Mainframe Reports preferences, go to IBM AD Analyze Client and select Window > Preferences > Application Discovery > Reports settings > Mainframe.

The following options are available:

  • Show appendix, this option is selected by default and ensures that the appendix is shown together with the report that is generated for a mainframe project.
  • Show input details in appendix, select this option if you want to include in the appendix the input details.
  • Use current project name, this option is selected by default and it insert the current project name on the cover page of the report.
  • Use custom name, select this option then enter a custom name that you want displayed on the cover page of the report instead of the original project name.