Configuring Reports

About this task

The Reports configuration consists of determining what information is displayed on the first page of the reports that are generated in IBM® AD Analyze Client. Also, you can set the company logo that is to be used in all the generated reports.


  1. Access Start Menu > IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence > Launch IBM Application Discovery Configuration Service Admin, and go to Configure > Environments > "Your environment" > Servers and security > Reports. The Reports settings page is displayed.
  2. In the Owner field, enter the name of the user who generates the reports.
  3. In the Organization field, enter the name of your organization.
  4. In the Organization role field, enter the role of the user within the organization.
  5. If the Activate view option is selected, in IBM AD Analyze Client, AD Reports view is displayed automatically on top of the current view when the report generation process is finished. If this option is not selected, the user has to check AD Reports view to see if the report generation process is finished.
  6. Drag and drop an image file or click to browse for the file that contains the logo image. *.PNG and *.GIF formats are supported. A preview of the selected file is displayed.
  7. Click Save.