Annotation Settings

Note: These settings are only relevant for Java™ projects.

Use Annotations Settings to configure the way annotations are managed in Java projects.

To access Annotations Settings, go to IBM® AD Analyze Client and select Window > Preferences > Application Discovery > Local settings > Annotations settings. The following options are available, both are selected by default.

  • Automatically manage orphan annotations, select this option to allow IBM AD Analyze Client to manage annotations that are no longer attached to a resource. If this option is selected, if a Clean and Build Project is performed, the user can recover all annotations for all project resources. If this option is disabled, if a Clean and Build Project is performed, annotations can no longer be recovered.
    Note: To view orphan annotations, goto Application Discovery and select Annotations > Orphan Annotations.
  • Show replies in annotation report, select this check box to include in Annotations Report the replies that were made to annotations.