Data Flow Through Datasets Report

The Data Flow Through Datasets Report shows the data flow within a batch process, starting with a physical dataset that can be either at the start of the process (forward data flow) or at the end of the data flow (backward data flow) or in the middle of it (backward and forward data flow).

To generate this report, in Explore Projects view, go to the Mainframe Reports list in the pane to the right. Select Datasets Reports then double-click the desired report to display the report wizard. The Available Datasets area lists the datasets available in the selected project. Use the Name field to filter the contents of the list. Use the arrow buttons to move the datasets between the Available and Selected lists.

In Report generation options area, if you select the option generate detailed info, the report presents all identified paths between two datasets. If you do not select this option, the report presents only one path between two datasets. The report appendix is displayed by default. If you select show input details in appendix, a list of all datasets that were used to generate the report is included in the appendix.

In Limit data flow area, by default, a complete report is generated. If you want to limit the analysis to X depth, check the option Threshold level and enter the desired value in the corresponding field. From the Data flow direction area, select one of the available options Forward, Backward, or Both.

Click Next to display the second dialog window of the wizard.

Select the datasets that you want to exclude from the report. Click Finish to generate the report.

Excluded nodes are marked with a "!" sign.

By default, an asterisk sign, "*", marks the chains for which further analysis results are not displayed because of the limit set in the wizard. (highlight results that are cut short by the threshold option checked in Analysis Expansion Limit tab from Preferences window). If highlight results… option is not checked, all chains that reach the level limit set in the wizard are marked with an asterisk regardless of whether further analysis results are available or not. The meaning of the asterisk sign "*" in the context of each report is explained in a note at the end of the report.