Compare Projects Report

The compare operation can be performed on two or more projects. For mainframe projects, the comparison can be performed only between two projects.

To generate the Compare Projects Report, go to the Application Discovery Browser perspective, and select the projects for which you want to generate a Compare Projects report. For details on how to select a perspective and a description of the Application Discovery Browser perspective, see section IBM® AD Analyze Client Reference.

In the Compare Analysis section, to the right of the Explore Projects view, double-click Compare Projects Report to generate the report.

The report summary presents a list with the total numbers of elements that were Added, Changed, and Removed, grouped by category. Then, under the Added, Changed, and Removed sections the report presents the detailed list of resources identified as such.


To understand how a Compare Projects Report interprets the added, changed, or removed resources, consider the following assumption:
Contains COBOL for z/OS® resources A, B, and C.
Contains COBOL for z/OS resources B, C, and X.
COBOL for z/OS resource A
Contained only in Project1.
COBOL for z/OS resource B
Contained in both Project1 and Project2. This resource has identical content at the file level, which means the source is unchanged.
COBOL for z/OS resource C
Contained in both Project1 and Project2. This resource has the content changed. The COBOL program C from Project2 has two statements additionally added compared with the COBOL program C from Project1.
COBOL for z/OS resource X
Contained only in Project2.
In the Compare Projects Report, projects are shown alphabetically no matter in what sequence the projects are selected. When selecting both Project1 and Project2, Project1 is shown on the left, while Project2 is shown on the right. The comparison term is considered Project1. Therefore, the report contains the following results:
  • The Added section prints the A COBOL program, which is included only in Project1.
  • The Changed section prints the C COBOL program, which is contained in both Project1 and Project2, but this program has the content changed at the file level.
  • The Removed section prints the X COBOL program, which is not added in Project1 but contained in Project2.
  • The common resources that have the same content in both projects, for example, the B COBOL program, are not printed at all in this report.