Application Inventory Report

This report presents the list of resources that were found in the selected application or applications(s).

To generate this report, in Explore Projects view, go to the Mainframe Reports list in the pane to the right. Select Inventory Reports then double-click the desired report to display the report wizard.

A list of defined applications is displayed. Select the applications for which you want to generate the report.

In Report generation options area, the selection indicates that the report appendix is displayed by default. To show only the report summary, select the appropriate option. Click Finish to generate the report.

The Report summary section presents two charts that show Totals and Averages, including number of routines, number of resources used (files, tables, screens), number of includes, number of statements, number of calls, and usage details for each resource according to the different access statements. All information is grouped by application.

The Report details section shows the list of components that are associated to each application.