Adabas-Programs Report

This report shows for each Adabas resource, all the programs that use it.

To generate this report, go to Explore Projects view and select Mainframe Reports list. Select Where Used Reports, then double-click the desired report to display the report wizard.

The Available Adabas area lists the resources available for report generation in the selected project. Use the Name field to filter the contents of the list. In Report generation options area, the selection indicates that the report appendix is displayed by default. Choose what additional data to include in the appendix: show input details in appendix. Use the arrow buttons to move resources between the Available and Selected lists then click Finish to generate the report.

The Report summary section presents two charts that show the Adabas usage ratio and the Adabas distribution per programs.

The Report details section shows for all selected Adabas, all the programs that use the selected Adabas resources.