PL/I Preprocessor Global Settings

This parameter specifies the encoding that is used to read files in order to generate preprocessed source. The default value is UTF-8, but any Java™ encoding is accepted. For example, in case of Japanese ideograms, use Shift_JIS.


Threads parameter can be used to set the maximum number of threads per task to execute when preprocessing. The default value is 5, but the allowed values are >= 1.

ExpandedFolder parameter can be used to set the name of the folder where expanded files are created. For example, use NewFolder. The NewFolder will be created in the PL1 folder, and the path on the disk will be PL1\NewFolder. Therefore, the NewFolder replaces the .expanded if the .expanded does not exist there. Or, the NewFolder comes right next to .expanded if the .expanded exists there.
AnnotateInclude parameter can be used to set whether to wrap expansions with the text such as /* start of expanded file and /* end of expanded file. The default value is True. When the parameter is set to False, the text such as /* start of expanded file and /* end of expanded file will not be added in the expanded files.
Skip_first_cols parameters can be used to trim the first x columns off the line. For example, if this parameter is set to 3, it means that the first three columns are skipped.
Important: If the source code contains characters or digits beyond the column 72 (in the inactive zone, for example BG100 : PROCEDURE OPTIONS (MAIN);[ ] 00020002) then the next additional setting must be made: