Output Pane Shortcut Menu

Menu Option Explanation
Copy Copies the selected text in the output pane to the clipboard.
Clear Clears the Output pane.
Hide Hides (closes) the Output pane. Use View / Output or ALT+2 to open it again.
Docking View Switches the window between docked and undocked states. In the docked state, the window is positioned along the entire width of the window (or it is minimized if the status bar is hidden). When the window is undocked, it behaves as a standard Windows window.
Save Output File Saves the current contents of the Output pane to a file. The standard Windows Save As dialog box opens for specifying the name and location of the file to be saved.
Go to Error When an error message in the Output pane is highlighted (by clicking it), this menu opens the corresponding source file in an Editor window at the statement that caused the error. The file can also be opened by double-clicking the error message directly.