Scenario 3: User with Access to a Workspace Can See All Projects from It

Before you begin

Make sure you have IBM® AD suite of applications installed and working;

Have at least a couple of projects created in IBM AD Build Client.

Publish the projects from IBM AD Build Client to IBM AD Configuration Server.

About this task

Workspaces can be Public, ACL (accessible by a specific list of domain users) or closed. In order to illustrate the way the workspace accessibility works let us have a look at the following scenario:


  1. Create an environment. A Default workspace is created automatically and attached to the created environment. For this Default workspace set the accessibility to ACL. Use only this workspace, do not create other workspaces.
  2. Add a couple of projects to this Default workspace. Add a domain user to this Default workspace.


Access IBM AD Analyze Client with the user added in Step 2 and observe that the user can see the defined projects.