Project Tab Shortcut Menu

The project tab right-click menu contains the following options:

Menu Options Explanation
Add Files Adds files to the folder.
Add All Files from Folder Adds all files from the selected folder. For details on how to make this operation that is run in the background see Adding Files to Project Folders.
Delete All Files from this Virtual Folder Deletes all the files from the current virtual folder.
Add Files from Mainframe Library Adds files to the folder from the mainframe library. Mainframe libraries are available if IBM® AD Connect for Mainframe was used previously, by using the IBM AD Build Configuration (z/OS®), to scan source libraries on the mainframe. For more information, see Adding Files From Mainframe Library in Tasks and Bringing data from mainframe libraries (PDS Libraries, Endevor, Librarian, Natural) in z/OS tab from IBM AD Build Configuration.
New Folder Creates a folder in the active project. The new folder can have one file type only, which is the same or a subset of the parent folder.
Build Builds the selected files and folders.
Delete Deletes the selected folder (only folders, which are not the default ones that are created at project creation time can be deleted).
Settings... Opens the Settings window, focusing on the folder’s settings.
Expand Expands the folder.
Collapse Collapses the folder.
Properties Displays folder properties.