Cross Applications Callgraph

Cross Applications Callgraph is a graph that is created to show calls between different mainframe projects that have their databases on the same DB instance.

To have the Cross Applications Callgraph available in IBM® AD Analyze Client, you need to:
The Cross Applications Callgraph can be displayed as follows:
  • At the program level - the Cross Applications Callgraph can be generated at the program level.
  • At the project level - in Application Discovery Browser perspective, from the Projects list in the central part of the Explore Projects view, select a project, or multiple projects that are built.

In the Mainframe Graphs section, to the right of the Explore Projects view, double-click Cross Applications Callgraph to display the Cross Applications Callgraph wizard.

The Available projects area displays all projects that are available for Cross Applications Callgraph generation. The Selected projects area displays only the projects that were initially selected for the Cross Applications Callgraph generation. Use the arrow buttons to move the projects between the Available and Selected lists. From the Call direction area, select one of the available options: Forward or Backward. By default, the graph is limited to three levels. If applicable, modify the limit, then click Finish to display the Cross Applications Callgraph.
Note: If you have only one project available in the Selected projects area, you can generate the Cross Applications Callgraph at the program level, by clicking Next. In the Available programs area, all programs that are involved in the calls computation process of different mainframe projects are displayed.
If the Cross Applications Callgraph is displayed at the project level, you can choose to expand the internal callgraph, by right-clicking on the target project and by choosing to expand it. As a result, the internal callgraph of the target project is displayed.
Note: Make sure that the projects are imported in the OrientDB database. The internal callgraph is generated based on the OrientDB database

AD Graphs tab presents the generated Cross Applications Callgraph. To navigate the graph, use the buttons in the graph toolbar, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. (For more information, see Graphical Analysis Toolbar). To see details on the meaning of the elements of the graph, use the Legend button. For more information on the graph legend function, see Showing the Graph Legend.