z/OS Specific EWM Objects

Special versions of EWM source control objects that apply specifically to z/OS®:
  • zProject - represents a type of EWM Eclipse project that contains a z/OS software project.
  • zComponent - represents a specialized type of EWM component that contains zFolders.
  • zFolder - is an EWM Eclipse folder that represents a z/OS PDS or PDS(E).
  • zFile - is a file in a zFolder that represents a z/OS PDS(E) member. The zFile can be saved with a file extension to indicate its source type. In the example that follows, you can see a COBOL (cbl) file and a copybook (cpy) file. This presence of a file extension can save much time when the tool is attempting to classify the source type before it copies it to the correct AD project sub folder.
This image shows the structure of an EWM source control object.