Adding Files From Mainframe Library

About this task

To add files from the mainframe library to your project, some preliminary steps need to be taken in the IBM® AD Build Configuration. See The zOS Tab for more details.


  1. In your Project tab select the folder where you want to import files from the mainframe library then right-click to display the menu and from it select Add Files from Mainframe to display the following window.
    This image shows a dialog box. You can choose the files' import source in the dialog box.
  2. A list of imported libraries is displayed. Select the libraries from which you want to import resources then click Next: the Member Files from Mainframe Selected Libraries window is displayed.
    Note: Only libraries that contain at least one member are displayed.
  3. A list of members that are identified within the imported libraries is displayed. For each resource the following data is displayed:
    • The type of the resource (Assembler Macro CICS® map BMS, Cobol Program).
    • The source (z/OS®).
    • The name of the library where it was found.
  4. Select the files that you want to add to your project and click Finish. The selected files are added in the current folder of your project: Their respective names indicate their source – z/OS, and the name of the library from where they are imported and their original name.