Update API Resolutions usage using CLI

IBM AD Build Client can be invoked in batch mode to update API Resolutions by using the following command:
IBMApplicationDiscoveryBuildClient /uar1 ProjectName
  • /uar1 is the parameter that is used to invoke the update of API Resolutions.
  • ProjectName is the name of the project where the API Resolutions process is triggered.
  • It is mandatory to have the API Extensibility feature enabled in IBM AD Build Client . To enable the API Extensibility feature, go to IBM AD Build Client > Project > Settings > Extensibility > Enable API/Macro handling by using a configuration file.
  • The Update API Resolutions must be used for the situation when the API Resolution File is modified, so the resolutions must be updated in the repository but without running a full build on the project (which might be time consuming).

The logs for the Update API Resolutions usage are available under: Project's Folder > UpdateApiResolutions_timestamp.txt.

The action that is performed in background, use cases and best practices are also available in HTML format.
  1. Click Start, select Run then type cmd to open the command window.
  2. Go to the folder where your IBM® AD Build Client is installed and locate IBMApplicationDiscoveryBuildClient.exe.
  3. Drag IBMApplicationDiscoveryBuildClient.exe into the command window then type /? and press ENTER.

As a result, a web page is displayed containing detailed information.