Creating a Project by using the Export Path CSV File

About this task

Starting with IBM® AD V5.1.0.7, the new Java™ utility, present in the <IBM ADDI Installation Folder>/support/CreateADProject folder helps you to create a new project in the background.


  1. Before you run the Java utility, perform the following steps:
    1. Copy the exported .CSV file under /CreateADProject folder.
      Note: The .CSV file represents the output of the Export Paths feature, file that is generated from IBM AD Analyze Client. For more information, see Graphical Analysis Overview.
    2. Define the content of the NPSkel.ini file as follows:
      ProjectName = "%%ProjectName%%"
      Path = "<REPLACE_WITH_PATH_TO_AD_PROJECTS_FOLDER>\%%ProjectName%%"
      Environment = "zOS"
      ProjectLanguages = "DT Cobol,Assembler,Cobol,Natural,PL1,Ads"
      DBTypes = "Datacom,IDMS,Adabas,Relational,IMS/DB"
      MapTypes = "Natural (LNM),CICS (BMS), IMS TM (MFS),ADS Map"
      ProjectDBType = "SQL" <OR> "DB2"
      Note: For more information on how to define the NPSkel.ini file, see 1. Create a new project in background.
  2. Run the following command:
    java -jar "C:\Program Files\IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence\IBM Application Discovery Build Client\Bin\Release\IBMApplicationDiscoveryBuildClient.exe" ProjectName ExportedFile.csv
    • ProjectName - represents the name of the project that will be created.
    • ExportedFile.csv - represents the output of the Export Paths feature.
  3. As a result, a new project is created. It contains all information that is defined in the NPSkel.ini and .CSV files.
    Note: The created project is already built.