Enabling Cross Applications

About this task

The Cross Applications feature can be enabled for the projects that are created in IBM® AD Build Client by following this procedure. The Cross Applications Callgraphs can be generated to show calls between different mainframe projects that have their databases on the same DB instance. For more information, see Cross Applications Callgraph.


  1. Access Start Menu > IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence > Launch IBM Application Discovery Configuration Service Admin, and go to Configure > Environments > "Your environment" > Projects. The Projects page is displayed.
  2. You can enable the Enable Cross Applications for a specific or multiple projects as follows:
    Important: The Cross Applications feature is not supported if the Relational Database Server Type is IBM Db2® on z/OS®.
    1. Click the Edit button of target project, select the Enable Cross Applications check box and click Save.
      Important: Cross Applications was enabled and will come into effect at the next project build. For more information, see Building Projects.
    2. Select one or multiple projects and click Enable Cross Applications button. As a result, the following message is displayed.
      Cross Applications was enabled, but it will come into effect at the next project build.
      Note: The same actions can be performed to Disable Cross Applications.