Adding a Project to a Workspace

Before you begin

Make sure that the IBM® AD Build projects were published into IBM AD Configuration Server. For more details, see Managing Application Projects with IBM AD Build.

About this task

Projects can be grouped into workspaces according to security or production requirements. Projects can be either automatically published to a workspace or manually added.


  1. Access Start Menu > IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence > Launch IBM Application Discovery Configuration Service Admin, and go to Configure > Environments > "Your environment" > Workspace. The Workspace page is displayed.
  2. Click the Edit button of target workspace, to add a project. The Edit Workspace page is displayed.
  3. A list of projects that are already assigned to the current workspace is displayed. You can add a project that is not already assigned to the selected workspace, by clicking Add.
  4. Select all projects that you want to be assigned to the selected workspace, then click Save.