Modifying the logging level

About this task

You can modify the logging level of the Audit Service by either updating the configuration file or sending a PUT request to the REST API. Accepted logging level values are INFO, WARN, and ERROR. If you modify the logging level at run time, it takes five seconds for the change to take effect.


  1. To modify the logging level by updating the configuration file, open <IBM ADDI Installation Folder>\IBM AD Web Services\wlp\usr\servers\ad_server\apps\expanded\ad-audit.war\WEB-INF\classes\log4j2.xml, find the logger, change the value of the level attribute, and then save the change.
  2. To modify the logging level by sending a PUT request, use the libertyURL/ad-audit/logging/change-level endpoint, and send the request body with input.
    Note: This is a temporary change, which is lost after the Liberty server restart.