Configuring IBM AD Components to Use the Audit Service

About this task

IBM® AD Build Client, IBM AD Batch Server and IBM AD Analyze Client can be configured to use the Audit Service.


  1. Access Start Menu > IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence > Launch IBM Application Discovery Configuration Service Admin, and go to Configure > Environments > "Your environment" > General tab.
  2. The Audit Service for IBM AD Batch Server is set to be enabled by default. To stop using the Audit Service, set audit.enable=true to audit.enable=false in the file located in the \conf folder.
    ##Audit server
    # default true
  3. Once the configuration is done, go to the Dashboard tab, in IBM® AD Configuration Server, click the menu button of Web Service, and select Restart Service.
    • Wait until the services are restarted, this can take a few minutes to complete.
    • The Audit database will be automatically populated when IBM Application Discovery Web Service starts.